Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet Payback

Do you remember those days when your parents shed a quiet tear every time you do something naughty in public?  How about the first time you learned about the word "defiance" through practice? What about the sleepless nights you gave your Mother or your Dad or a relative each time you have school projects?

Do you know why I wrote the paragraph about?

Because sooner or later, you will have kids of your own... those that will most probably give you the same experience. Your folks will savor the sweet taste of payback when they see you working on projects or see your daughters' put make-up or talk about their "boy friends" with full gusto.

My mother and aunt just had the best seats in the house to watch my 5-year old give them  their payback.


So so soooo tired but I still need to fix the rest of Portia's projects.  Five down, one to go! We can do this. 

I must just say that today is a milestone for me.  I made the most number of school projects at one time... and yes, they aren't mine. Heh.

My kindergarten's projects:

How can they have such complicated projects?  They are on kindergarten.

I need to make a turtle out of paper plate tonight.  Wish me luck please. :)


  1. That was really complicaatd compared to "olden days" which I belong. hehehe

  2. Yup, they are complicated. I think the school should give age appropriate projects.

  3. I hate projects like these coz when I was in grade school, I was always behind with the grades. My classmates have all the advantage if they let their parents do the job for them. Isn't it unfair? I won't ever take over my kids' duties especially if it's about self-worth, originality and creativity.

  4. Why do they even have homework for kindergarteners? Dapat pang elementary na yun or older eh. But good job! :)

  5. Good job Mommy and galing!!! I had to wake up at 4 am today to make parols for my nursery 1 kid. Hows that? When my mom knew about it? she just laughed and said "payback time" lol :)

  6. i wish my baby in the future will be obedient just like me. hihihi XD good job on your baby's project! you get do this! XD

  7. Same question in mind. I wonder why prep school teachers give so complicated projects which they definitely know that only the parents will do it. I think the grade should go to the parents hehehe... Why not give the kids project that they will enjoy doing like simple crafts. That way the kids creativity will also be develop.

  8. i remember doing my school projects with my mom, oh i missed that
    i wonder if my mom can tell if she is savoring now sweet payback from me...hahaha

  9. Ganyan na pala projects ng kindergarten ngayon. Ano na lang kaya pag sa panahon na ng anak ko. goodluck na lang talaga! :)

  10. It reminds me of the past na napupuyat ako kakagawa ng projects na di natapos ng anak ko. I agree, teachers are giving really complicated projects that's only meant for higher grades sa mga pre schoolers. Toxic! lalo pay sabay sabay lahat ng subjects. :)

  11. I am expecting this in the near future. My son will be in school very soon e.

    Oh, I remember my mother do my crochet and croosstitch projects when I was in Elementary. But now I am so addicted into crocheting. hehe

    Mommy Maye2