Saturday, November 3, 2012

Whatever You Do, DO NOT Close Your Eyes!

My daughters and I love role-playing.  Whenever we have the chance to play with their  toys, we always let our imaginations take us places, make us be who we want to be.  The pace and the plot, most often than not, will always come from them.

Waking up early on a holiday meant you are rising up to an all-day of fun.  After a quick shower and breakfast, my girls pulled me to the playroom, gave me some of their favorite stuffed dolls and started mimicking cartoon character voices.

Minnie Mouse was feeling sick today.  She is running a fever and Mom needs to take care of her until she gets well. Her friends, the Care Bears, are singing to an upbeat song, jumping up and down to entertain her.

Trust our ole doctor Pot (my five-year old) to save the day.  She does a quick check-up and prescribes her medicine.  She also said to keep Minnie comfortable by hugging her while she sleeps.  

Mom did exactly what the doctor said.  Problem is, Mom (me) fell asleep too.  In comes the doctor and gives both of us our medicine.

Believe me, I was not expecting it!  Powdered fruit drink (pretend medicine) that was suppose to be fed to me using a teaspoon made me cough for hours.  I inhaled (Nose! nose!) more than ENOUGH because the fan blew it away.  

The girls thought I was still in character.  Now that I write this,  I have an idea how funny I look.

Added to my parenting to-do list:  

  • Keep yourself alive until they are 18!
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT close your eyes!!


  1. Earlier today she gave me a powdered white disk to eat, telling me it was milk candy. I sure hope it was.

    1. Does it taste like chalk? I bought some for her so she can play hopscotch. :P I'm sure it won't hurt you if you only ate one piece.

  2. hahaha...cute
    i remember my mom when i was little she also plays with us

  3. LOL. That's a story you can tell your grandkids.

  4. The pretend game will always be memorable to the kids!

  5. It's nice that you have these types of fun with your kids. I'm so guilty for not bonding with them as much as I could. But it's never too late to start right? Will start now.

    CE 11/6

  6. hahaha! this is funny! :-) my play-pretend season had officially started with my 1year old now... :-)

  7. It's such fun to play with kids. My daughter loves to play pretend salon, pretend chef, and whatever else she can think of. I go along. Moments like those are precious.

  8. It really fun to play pretend with the kids. Mine doesn't really love character playing at 2yrs old.

  9. Hmm... this made me realized that I haven't played with my daughter for a while like this. Maybe I should take "BUSY" away for a while.

  10. I don't have any childhood. I wan't able to do this with my mom. :( Too bad.

  11. Haha that must have been a hilarious scene, unless your kids started to panic about you coughing too much. hehe :)

  12. this is so funny :-) priceless moment with your kids.