Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our Weekend Getaway

Last Saturday, we were at the Alabang Town Center to spend time with the family.  Our two girls were on their usual giddy self - as soon as they found out that we were going out, they took out their favorite dresses and did most of the preparation.

Parking was very bad as expected.  We have a secret spot that we go to that seldom gets crowded mainly because you need a long walk to get to the entrance of the mall.  That day, our secret was found out.  It was filled except for one small parking area that our little car can squeeze in.

So we had lunch, walked around and looked at toys at Rustan's Alabang.  Did I tell you they have one of the best Christmas nooks in the country?

The day in ATC will not be complete without playing near the water fountains.

We had to get new clothes for them because they were soaking wet.  My little girl decided it was about time to get rid of her favorite Crocs.  

Early evening, Lea Salonga, the Kindred Voices with Gerard Salonga and the Philharmonic Orchestra had a free concert at the atrium.  It was too bad I didn't hear about it because I could get reserve seats courtesy of the Ayala A Card.

I caught the first song before my little ball of fire decided to run to the nearest Time Zone.  I went after her, panicking because I couldn't find her anywhere.  I found her battling Lea Salonga's vocal prowess - Nemo was crying her lungs out while she stands right next to her Dad.  

I missed my chance of watching Lea Salonga's concert again in the process.  My husband and I went home with sore legs (from all the running after the kids) and headaches that lasted all night long.  The kids?  They were awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Picture Perfect: Pic-A-Boo!

Back when I was very excited about the concept of parenting (insert laughter here), my mind always wandered to the thoughts and plans of how I can document my daughters' growth.  My inexperience proved that it can get pricey but fun!  It felt like lighting up fireworks just when everyone's about to fall asleep. 

My family was a frequent visitor of Pic-A-Boo, an upcoming children's photo studio circa 2007.  They have tempting deals that parents cannot say no to.  The first time I went to their branch at SM The Block, I was mesmerized by how they made everything look good - even the costumes that my baby girl back then did not really like.  I ended up spending about Php 6,000, got a  free membership card, some free 8R prints and a CD of all the pictures they took in low resolution.  The photographers KNOW their thing.  The only thing the babies needed to do was to smile and have fun!

So I ended up going back over and over again - the yearning being close to an addiction.  I just have to get more!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Richwell Sale 2012: The Alphaland Experience

This year's Richwell Warehouse Sale just got better!

If you have been to the previous year's sale, you know by heart the tips I have mentioned in my previous post.  You are prepared for:

  • Horrendous traffic around the area
  • Nightmare parking 
  • Dust and sweat
  • Cash purchase
  • Excuse me, pardon me, oh so sorry, hey can I get in there please?

Now matter how scary that list sounds, you have braved through this yearly because of the good deals.

This year at Alphaland Mall, Richwell has improved things a great deal.