Sunday, December 2, 2012

Richwell Sale 2012: The Alphaland Experience

This year's Richwell Warehouse Sale just got better!

If you have been to the previous year's sale, you know by heart the tips I have mentioned in my previous post.  You are prepared for:

  • Horrendous traffic around the area
  • Nightmare parking 
  • Dust and sweat
  • Cash purchase
  • Excuse me, pardon me, oh so sorry, hey can I get in there please?

Now matter how scary that list sounds, you have braved through this yearly because of the good deals.

This year at Alphaland Mall, Richwell has improved things a great deal.  

I went there last Friday and everything was a breeze.  Parking was easy because it was inside the Southgate Tower's Mall.  The place was well air-conditioned, much like shopping in a department store.  I did not see a lot of the damaged boxes. Credit card payments were accepted.

You will probably miss that big pile of bargain toys without boxes.  They do not have that in Alphaland (at least the day that we went there).  What they have are toys that are discounted 20% or more.  There were also good deals on bikes and Big & Small clothes.

You can move around without stepping on people's toes

I love it that shopping was in and out in a breeze.  I paid in cash so it only took me about 20 minutes to pay--even with the guy in front of me who kept sending his wife out to buy more toys even as he was paying at the cash register.  There were different lines for those who preferred to use credit cards instead of cash, but even they didn't look terribly long.

How easy is it to get inside the venue without waiting in line for hours?

I wish I can take home that Barbie backdrop.  My daughters will go nuts!

Payment was a breeze!
There is still one full-day of shopping tomorrow at Alphaland.  Go grab that chance!


  1. Oh dear... Oh my... I'm glad my mom don't have the budget on these, otherwise baka nauna narin un sa pila hehehe!

    CE 11/27

  2. Great for kiddos this Christmas. Hope that some malls/toy stores near me will follow suit.

  3. Kung nasa Metro Manila lang ako I'm sure nakapila na ako dyan. hehe

  4. Sales, sales, sales. Christmas na talaga :)

  5. Wow! Is there a mailing list to sign up for so we get updates of their sale next year?

  6. yup. we missed this. we went na kasi sa warehouse sale ng toy kingdom and we bought the kids gifts na. how was it? was it worth it?

  7. WOW! Sales means Christmas!!! haha.. :)

  8. again.. i didn't know Richwell's sale was last weekend. huhuhu! I missed it!

  9. Wow, sayang! Why do sale and warehouse sales happen only there in Manila?

  10. daming bargains!
    maybe this weekend i will be able to buy gifts for christmas

  11. So cool to have warehouse sales for toys around Christmas

  12. We really should be conscious of toy sales more now that my nephew is growing and will be needing more and more toys to keep him occupied hehe. Yesterday they were looking at a car he can ride in but it was way toooo expensive!