Monday, January 28, 2013

When You Think Everything Will Be Boring (Part 2)

I just realized life got in the way and I left you hanging with my story about Nemo's antics.  This is part 2 of my blog about our scary experience last Christmas.  It is easier to recount now because I see Nemo being herself all the time - no more worries about the after-procedure side effects.

So Nemo needed to have an endoscopy to take the coin out.  It was scary how it was explained, even scarier that we had to check the instrument out.  A decision had to be made soon.  We were told that if we wait, it might even be more dangerous; that it can poison the rest of Nemo's system.

It is also worth noting that the medical insurance (health card, we have two for the girls), did not cover the procedure.  We had to pay for this.

On the helluva morning (after tossing and turning on that not-so-comfy hospital chair), we were wheeled in to the X-ray room to check if there was a chance that the coin has gone down the natural way.  This is where I first met my pedia gastro doctor.  She discussed with me what she needed to do.  It was quite graphic that the whole time, I was probably holding my breath with a big lump on my throat.  It won't be a surprise if my face was turning blue.

More hooplas and discussions and we were wheeled in to the prep room.  This is where the doctor popped the question - "Misis, are you okay?"  For the love of heaven and earth, please do not ask any parent in a similar scenario that question!  Of course I was not okay!  That was my final straw - I cried a river and had hurricane-sounding sobs in front of the doctor. I was scared, what were you thinking?

The anesthesiologist gave Nemo some meds to make her sleep after which I was showed my way out of the operating room.  After 15 minutes, I was called by the EENT doctor to show me what toy they took out from her ear.  It was the gastro doctor's time to shine.

It was probably the longest 3 hours of my life.  It felt like my eyebags extended to my chin.  My husband was waiting with me then.  

Because of exhaustion, I crashed and fell asleep while waiting for the doctor.  I woke up to see a small plastic container with a stained coin.  It turned black!  The doctor informed us that it was saving grace that we decided to go through the procedure.  The coin was embedded on Nemo's stomach walls.  It was difficult to get it out.

Two more hours in the recovery room and we were assisted back to our room.  We were given some good news.  We can celebrate Christmas at home after all.  We can go home the next day.

I have so much to be thankful of despite my life's biggest scare.  I am thankful for wonderful extended families who have assisted us in so many ways.  I am thankful for a competent medical team in Asian Hospital.  

I would not wish for this to happen to anyone.  It was horrible and I can only shiver whenever I think about it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When You Think Everything Will Be Boring...

Just when I thought my holiday break was going to be uneventful, my three-year old Nemo decided to spice it all up with an adventure.

Three days before Christmas, while watching the Muppets for the nth time, she decided to put a small toy in her right ear - pushed it a bit further inside before announcing it to her father who was watching the movie with her.

"Daddy, my ear!"

Those three words were enough to make my husband panic.  He saw her holding a small ball from her big sister's art set.  A few seconds before he can take it from her, she decided to keep it somewhere safe. 

Checking her ear, he saw something blue and foreign - like the presence of the Smurfs in NYC.