Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When You Think Everything Will Be Boring...

Just when I thought my holiday break was going to be uneventful, my three-year old Nemo decided to spice it all up with an adventure.

Three days before Christmas, while watching the Muppets for the nth time, she decided to put a small toy in her right ear - pushed it a bit further inside before announcing it to her father who was watching the movie with her.

"Daddy, my ear!"

Those three words were enough to make my husband panic.  He saw her holding a small ball from her big sister's art set.  A few seconds before he can take it from her, she decided to keep it somewhere safe. 

Checking her ear, he saw something blue and foreign - like the presence of the Smurfs in NYC.

They ran to the kitchen where I was then to share the news.

Three minutes after, we were on our way to Asian Hospital's Emergency Room.  

Nemo was calm until the doctor tried to scoop the small ball out of ear.  She refused to cooperate. That made them decide that it was better done sedated - something they cannot do in emergency services.  She had to be admitted!

As a protocol, she had to get a blood test and a chest X-Ray.  I asked why they wanted an X-Ray when she only needs to have that foreign object removed from her ear.  I only got that response - it was protocol.  I almost refused.

That revealed Nemo's bigger surprise - she still had a coin in her stomach.  My mother who was looking after the kids sent me a text message about it... 11 days before this hospital confinement.  She calmly told me then that it happened a lot of times to my brother.  These things find a way to get themselves outside of the system.  Nemo's didn't.  I was stunned!

Our pediatrician was not too happy about it.  When she dropped by at eleven o' clock in the evening, I know the message was not going to be good.

She needed an endoscopy.  

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Recalling all these sends me chills again.  I will continue more in the next post.


  1. I am so sorry for to hear about the mishap Nemo had recently. I hope she's better now, with the coin and the smurf removed from her body. Take care!

  2. OMG! I hope Nemo's okay now. I guess sometimes these standard tests in hospitals have their purpose.

  3. I have read also sa Facebook about a 13-month old baby who swallowed his mother's earrings. Luckily, the excrete nya un earrings but everyone were uneasy since it has pointed ends that might hit his internal organs. With those stories, natatakot tuloy ako for my son.

    Mommy Maye

  4. oh my! I was surprised with this news. I was just glad that your daughter's okay now.

  5. We sshould really look our kids and never let them play with small things like coins and small balls. I am glad that your kid is alright now.

  6. Too many things has happened to Nemo!!! I guess I would even be more frantic!

  7. Though, things like these are difficult to prevent, I guess advisories in the package of toys are really therefore worth listening to!

  8. Kahit na mahigpit natin binabantayan ang ating mga anak minsan may nangyayari pa rin na ganito. I hope little Nemo is okay now.

  9. I read the second part of this post too so I'm glad all is well now. It must have been really a stressful time for you, and the relief that came when it was finally over... I pray you won't have to go through a similar experience again.