Thursday, February 14, 2013

Identifying Colors

We all know that kids can't sit still without any form of entertainment.  While waiting to be seated in our favorite restaurant, I took the opportunity to review my 3-year old's familiarity with colors.

Me:      "Nemo, what is the color of my shirt?"
Nemo:  "Brown" (Correct!)
Me:      "What color is your shirt?"
Nemo:  "Pink!"  (Right!)
Me:      "What color are my shoes?"
Nemo:  "Black" (Exactamento!)
Me:      "How about your hair?"
Nemo:  "Light brown!"  (She distinguishes light and dark colors at three) 
Me:      "Your bag?"
Nemo:  "Red!!" (Yup, yup!!)
Me:      "How about Tita Myla's teeth?"   (My cousin flashed her sweetest smile)

My Kryptonite

The concept of maternal superpowers has always been an interesting conversation piece for me.  I believe that mothers have the ability to fly the heights as high as Superman, run as fast as Flash can, be as strong as The Hulk... you get the idea.  But like any superheroes, you'd come across that version of a Kryptonite - that one thing that makes your super human abilities weak.

Mine, for example, is being around dermatologists.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Love Affair

Yes, I have a love affair.  One that shattered me to pieces when it ended and has since been giving me heartaches whenever I think about it.

Love comes in different forms.  Mine was just... magical.  Like I just NEED to have it when I first saw it.  IT.WAS.LOVE!

More than two years ago, as my husband and I were scouting for a new house in the village, we found somebody who recommended a place just two blocks away from where our permanent address was.  It was not widely advertised because the owners wanted referrals instead of walk-ins.  They needed to find somebody who can brand the house as a home.

And... that is what we did.  We took the next possible chance to transfer. It was ours - our humble abode; with the garage where the kids can run around while the car isn't park.  The kitchen where we will have our countless of dinners together and the bedroom where all the resting and memories were built.

Two years later, we were tearfully loading all the furniture and appliances in a big mover's truck.  We were off to leave our dear home.

It was heartbreaking to leave behind all kinds of memories that were made in that house. It was what formed me to be what I am now, which I would say is the same for the rest of the family. 

It is just not practical to be renting you when we have a family house that only has two people there.  There is also that need to have someone who can look after the kids' welfare while we're earning.

But still... I still wake up in the middle of the night and wonder where I am at.  My 3-year old daughter still cries and asks us where her home is.  My husband who still has his quiet moments - I am sure he also thinks about home.

It's on repeat in my dreams.  How I had that last day of moving all the things to the new house.  Looking around on that last round, seeing nothing more than the memories of how the living room looks while the kids were playing their video games and making a hell of a mess.

I miss you.

I miss home.

One of these days, I am going to buy you and we will meet again.