Monday, March 25, 2013

Jazzin' Up My Phone

One thing I like about the technology now is how versatile it has become.  Back when the mobile phone was first released, everyone was carrying ugly (and heavy) phones.  

Who would have known that, 20 years after, you can jazz up your phone so that it exudes your personality and your mood.  

I love that my current phone model has so many cases to choose from. I controlled myself successfully, owning only three cases.

The first case I bought was an Otterbox Commuter Series. It gave my phone that protection it needs especially since it is daily subjected to the craziest torture any phones can adhere to (A.K.A. Kids).

I also have a personalized case that I won from Alabang Bulletin's Christmas raffle.  They were made by Instamug, a company that is quickly gaining popularity even to celebrity customers.  This is my favorite because my kids' pictures are printed.  Please visit their website as you can have one via their no-fuss online orders.

The newest is quite ostentatious and girly - it has diamond stubs and lovely swirls.  I love how the diamonds feel on my hand.

Maybe I can splurge and buy more if I can save a part of my budget for food.  :)

What is your favorite phone accessory?

Leaving The Kids Behind

I often feel rotten whenever I leave my little girls at home to go to the office.  This afternoon was no exception. 

We had our normal "no-don't-go-i'll-bawl-my-eyes-out" goodbyes.  Each kid was hanging on to one leg to convince us to stay.

My conscience was eating me.  How can you leave them like this?  What if they don't get to eat well? What if they escape and leave the house?


It was quiet on our way to work. My husband and I were probably worrying about the same thing.  

As soon as I got to the office, I called our house to make sure they are okay.  Our trustee ole Yaya said they were in their room.  She called them to let them know I was on the phone.  

My younger little girl sounded like she was sobbing - "Mommy, where are you?  Why aren't you here?"  I explained why I needed to be in the office and gave her the promise that I will get her a little something for "pasalubong".  She gave a very soft okay and what followed was a surprise.

She said in the most cheerful and rushing-to-get-out-of-the-call tone:

"Portia, mommy mo!!  Tawag ka!"  (Portia, YOUR mom is calling you)
"Mommy, bye na.  I'm watching Backyardigans."

I heard Portia said "That's your mommy.  Later...  I'm playing my game."  before I heard a loud click and a busy tone.

Fun!  I love how kids can move on sooooooo fast! 

Here I was worried how they were coping.  

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm Back!

Life's been getting all my usual blogging time.  I would sometimes stop and think about how I should write about the kids' smart antics, or experiences I encounter along the way. Here's hoping our trusty nanny (who's arriving this weekend) will be everything we wish for.  Believe you me, I am not hard to please.

So yes, I am back! :)

Talk to you more later!