Friday, June 21, 2013

Zen vs. Road Rage

I want to believe that I am good at keeping my composure. Most times, I just let things slide. The worst thing you might hear from me is a hum, a sniff and it's like that awful things did not happen.

Then there are the not so frequent "Ohhh-I-so-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face" moments which instantly consumes my inner peace.  

This evening was one of those moments.  On our way home from Festival Mall, we were greeted by the biggest bottleneck in front of the Metropolis.  It's always bad there with all the cars, friggin' jeepneys and buses - all wanting to take a U-turn.

Let me try my best to help you visualize.  Think of a 6-lane road.  All of these roads have a fair mix of vehicles.  The first five lanes to the left then gets into a bottleneck going to the other direction to take a U-turn.

Everyone was boxing out the lanes to take that single U-turn slot.  It was mental!!  The bus to our right looked like it wanted to exchange paints because it was too close. If the driver sneezed, I would probably get his germs.  On top of that, people were crossing the street/leisurely riding the jeeps like it was the safest thing to do! Double-mental!!

So I got home with a huge headache and an equally awful body pain.  My husband wasn't exactly feeling giddy either.

Hummmm.... hummmm...

This tranquility is brought to you by my lavander-scented candle.

(Okay, so I had my favorite 400-calorie milk tea too but let's keep this as our little secret).