Friday, August 16, 2013

Read-Up: An Elegant Blog Giveaway!

When I first saw Zuri Baby Couture’s website, I was awed by the brand’s fashion accessories for babies.  Their headbands, necklaces and shoes are to die for.  To think the list doesn’t end there. 

For those who have been regularly following my blog, you know that my bratinellas love dressing up - with their favorite tutu dresses, hair accessories and little ladies’ shoes.  So when I showed them Zuri’s line of accessories, I saw their eyes brighten while they were saying wow.

Here are a few of their lovely designs.  The full catalog of their designs can be found here:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Is Best For Babies (and Mommies)

There is a photo that has been circulating all over the social networking sites about a mother who was nursing her little baby in front of an infant formula vendor’s booth.  That picture prompted a number of arguments about breastfeeding versus bottle feeding.  Some applaud this mother for making a bold statement over formula feeding while others felt that she has shamed women to ask about options, thus preventing their right to choice.

For one, breastmilk is known to be the most complete form of nutrition for babies – for their immunity, health, growth and formation.  Breastfeeding also forms a strong bond between the mother and child, which experts have stated helps make a more confident child…. Studies also show that mothers lose their pregnancy weight-gain faster when they breastfeed.  And hey, breastfeeding is free so it is cost-effective as well.

In defense of those who decide to bottle feed their infants, it is argued that with bottle-feeding, a mother knows exactly how much her baby intakes so she does not have to worry about accidentally under or overfeeding.  Proponents also contest that modern formula milk has at par nutrients with a mother’s breastmilk, so all the health benefits are amply provided.  In addition, the mother is given freedom to go back to her normal life, as fathers or older siblings can participate in feeding the newborn.

I am very interested to know how my readers feel about this.  I would like to know, which do you prefer best – breastfeeding or bottle-feeding?  

Watch out for my next post as this will be a poll on this topic.  You will surely like what we are giving away!

My Learning Tidbit: Childproofing My Home

It was another eventful evening.  My little girls were playing pretend, the bigger one was the doctor while the little one, Nemo, was the agitated patient.  Doing the general check-up, the doctor decided to clean her patient's ears with a cotton bud.  She ran to her grandma's room to get one and started cleaning.  Within seconds, pretend play was done and the little one cried and shouted real loud - the unmistakable pain evident.  

Since my husband and I work the afternoons, their grandma looks after them while we are away.  She made the nervous call to us because my little one's ear is bleeding and then she and my brother took off to the Emergency Room.  Hours after that, we were sent home with a anti-tetanus shot and an order slip to see an EENT specialist.

Scary.  We are bringing her today.  I pray her ear drums are intact and there are no serious damage on her ear.

You can take precautions to make our homes safer but it is also necessary to watch kids at all times.  My girls can be Houdini-apprentices sometimes.  They can do tricks while you're watching them and, if you're not at par with their speed, you'll realize they've done their magic tricks on you.

Childproofing is important.  Here are some tips to make our home safer for them:

  • Scope out the Territory - It is important to take a child's view of your home.  What dangerous can they get?  What can interest them?  No one knows what entices them better than you.  If you can't childproof all the rooms, make sure they do not have access to those that are not.
  • Secure Your Windows and Doors - Can they easily open them?  Is it easier to reach especially with chairs or tables around?  There are window and door guards to stop them from falling and accidentally pop them open.  
  • Know Your Furniture and Appliances - You will be surprised at how children can innovate.  They can ladders out of drawers, "swimming pools" out of linens over hard floor, "trees" to climb on with furniture that are "strategically" together.  Bolt whatever you can to the wall.  Put heavier and bulkier stuff on the bottom shelves so they are harder to topple over.
  • Prevent Drowning - Do not leave your children unattended in the tub, even if they are on a bath seat.  Drowning does not take a lot of water.  It only takes a few inches of water.  If they lose their balance while looking at our trusty ole timba (a bucket the Filipinos can't live without), they can fall and drown.  This can happen when they look at the toilet so latches are handy,
There are a lot more tips which can be found in this article that I saw in babycenter.  The key takeaway here is keep our homes safer while we watch our kids closely at all times.