Thursday, September 12, 2013

Being in a Multi-racial Lovely Chaos

This is probably the most frequently repeated conversation since I became a parent.  Mostly exchanged between a stranger who are amused about how we, as a family, look.

       Stranger:  Ohhh they are lovely little girls.  Is their Dad a foreigner?
       Me:          Uh yes, he is.
       Stranger:  (to my girls)  You are beautiful! <insert small talk here>
       Stranger:  (to me)  How about their mom, is she American too?

My reply will depend on my mood - in one instance, the conversation was with a sales lady.  I ended up saying I'm their mother and bought more than what I needed to, out of spite. When I am in a jolly mood, I tell them that I asked my friends in the hospital's nursery department to swap my kids with more beautiful "foreigner" kids - Pinalitan sa hospital.   What I wanted really to say was how good they must look if they have their foot in their mouth. Heh.

Then there's this variation:

         Stranger:  They are lovely little girls.  Are they yours?
         Me:          Yes, they are. <awkward smile>
         Stranger:   (looking at my 3-year old)  The Dad's American?
         Me:           Yes.
         Stranger:   (looking at my 6-year old) How about her?
         Me:           Last time I checked, American too.

Note to self:  Next time, be more specific.  Say American-Italian.  One of the brats look more Italian.

Joking aside, I know I do not need to answer to any of their questions.  I am not accountable to satisfy their curiosity.  It is just interesting to see their reaction.  Wayyy funny to see them scramble to redeem themselves at the end of the conversation.

One of my guilty pleasures. :)


  1. Your kids are so cute! Sometimes it's better to give off biting sarcasm and see them squirm, lalo na pag bordering on rude yung comments, heheh!

  2. They are sweethearts! It's so funny to me, what people will say. My husband and I are both fair with brown hair. Our son is so pale he literally looks almost albino. People often say, "uhm... where did he get the white-blonde hair?" I always want to say something like, "Oh, I don't know, but the blonde-haired, blue-eyed UPS guy is a real hottie!" :P

  3. Indeed,, your kids are really cutie patootie..To those who are asking if they are your kids, better give them a sweet sweet smile and answer YES.. ^^ pang asar lang rin *