Friday, September 6, 2013

The Scary Questions

Every time I am close to convincing myself that I am ready for parenting, there will always be something to prove me wrong.  

Mommy dearest has gone a long way from the "almost-punched-a-nurse-during-newborn-screening" mom to "calm-and-cool-even-when-you-see-blood" kind of mom.

Then there come these moments when you don't really know how to answer; when the simple questions or comments can be quite difficult to deal with.

Like when Pot asked if the middle finger (or the ring finger) is the bad finger (gasp!). Or when she has enthused comments about her classmates having boyfriends; or a doll's dress and the way she smiles as "sexy" (faint!).  She IS in first grade!!!!

How prepared are you?

Because really, did I miss the memo?  Shouldn't we be invited to a conference on how we deal with this phase.  Because, by golly, I might literally faint the next time she ask me these things.

Have you had a similar experience before?  How did you answer them?



  1. Sometimes, we tend to panic a lot, especially when they ask those weird questions. I had a post about it here when my kids started asking about the birds and the bees

  2. Well, I haven't encountered this yet. But my daughters are observant. They always ask random questions and they don't listen to it most of the times, but they will just keep on asking you why why why hahaha! I don't know what I'll do if my daughter will ask me this.

  3. i dunno if i should be thankful that i don't have kids yet because i won't be facing these questions any sooner. but yeah, kids are very observant nowadays so we need to at least give them honest answers otherwise they'll find out for themselves. hehe!

  4. Sooner or later, our kids ask these questions and we can answer them with humor and honesty. They are curious to learn from us so when the moment arose for me, I didn't hesitate to answer the questions for my daughters; with a dash of humor tossed in ;-)

  5. We are not at that stage yet, but It's kinda amusing. Well, just enjoy the stage. Kids ask whatever got them curious from what they see and hear around them especially from the media.

    Kristine @ A Changed Life

  6. I haven't had that questioned asked yet but will tell them it is possible for them to have their own kids later on.