Monday, November 25, 2013

The Richwell Sale 2013

It's been long overdue.

I am pretty sure a lot of the mommies and daddies out there have been toy shopping for their kids but I want to share it nonetheless for those who have not chanced upon the schedule.

The Richwell Warehouse Sale has been going for two weekends already but you still have time to visit.

I love it that they have upgraded their venue as they are on a fairly-airconditioned floor in the Richwell Building.  You won't miss the banner!  It's still by Scout Torillo and Scount Limbaga near Jade Garden Restaurant.

What can you expect?

  • This year, the bargains are not as good as the previous years.  You will still see some Barbie dolls, bikes and Hotwheels tracks that are below the 500 peso-range but apart from that, all toys are on the 20% to 40% discount
  • The bargain toys are not so dusty as the previous years (possibly because the venue is air-conditioned)
  • A lot of the new, excellently packaged toys are 20% off.  You will chance upon some toys, like the Dora The Explorer Megabloks tub, that are 50% off
  • Long lines never go out of fashion.  Prepare to fall in line for an easy 1 hour before you can get to the checkout counter

What Did I Get To Buy?

  • My 6-year old girl is into Winx Club dolls now.  I bought two dolls that have 20% off the regular price of Php1,150 each
  • My 4-year old bought a tub of Dora The Explorer Megabloks (regularly priced at Php1,500 but have a 50%-off sticker on it)
  • A Barbie Rockstar guitar at 20% off (It was Php1,000 but paid Php800)
  • RoseArt color pencils, mechanical pens and Art stuff at 50%
  • A cute stuffed animal for Php200.
  • Hotwheels cars for Php79 (previously Php100)

There were a few more knick knacks that I do not remember right now.  Overall, it was still a good buy.  If you have the patience to look around for shoes (Ollie, Barbie, Fisher Price etc) and dresses, shirts and pants (Big & Small and Orange Juice) then you'll more value for your money.  With two girls who run around to look at toys, I didn't have the time and the energy for dresses and shoes.  

Happy Christmas shopping!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Motherhood and Mush

I was watching The Voice 5 Marathon on AXN yesterday afternoon while I was working from home.  These days have been so stressful that I need to have music (or any sound in the background, really) to prevent myself from thinking too many thoughts.  I don't know if that makes sense.  Do you ever encounter that?


I was watching the early blind audition episodes and one 16-year old contestant and her family caught my attention.  It was just a typical interview and song number; she was quite good that she had a four-chair turn.  She was still singing when the camera was panned back on her family.  Focus on her kid brother - he was teary-eyed.  Then he said, "she is wonderful."  I swear that scene just made me cry!  A LOT!

What the heck, right?  I used to be a "toughy" when I was younger.  Now I think motherhood has brought out the mush in me.  I can cry as fast as Porsche's 0-60 in 4.6 seconds.  It's amazing!

So what other things made me cry so much recently?