Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Evolving Valentine's Day in this Household

Who says celebrating need to be expensive?  

For those who know me, it will not come as a surprise that I hate going out on V-day. Without being so bah! humbug! about the "love month",  it gets too crazy and too mushy everywhere.  Traffic is bad, flowers are expensive and people are yucky with the public smooching. 

I have also come to terms that there is a point in your marriage when Valentine's are prepared not just for the significant other but also for the kids.  

Since my little girls are so exposed to different celebrations through television, they have asked me a few times how we intend to celebrate Valentine's - by we, I mean, me, the hubby and them two little monkeys, er ladies.  This year, I am planning to make it extra special with a special lunch on a beautifully decorated room.  I've decided to surprise them by decorating one of the rooms while they are in school.

Here is one reference.  You just need crafty tissue papers (red and pink will be the colors for me), sticks, strings and glue.  Very MacGyver.  Heh.  I am going to have some lovely pompoms hanging from the ceiling and origami flowers for the hubs and the girls.

Video credits to RealAsianBeauty in YouTube

Maybe doing some balloon accents will be cool too.  

Do I set an movie night?  I am considering it.  Take the LED TV out and watch while the whole family cuddles outdoor.  Pretty spiffy, right?  

Not discounting the efforts of the past years, I think this will be the best love month in years.  I will update you more next week. 

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  1. I also like spending quality time with the hubby at home, nothing fancy, no distractions, just enjoying each other. And your idea - very MacGyver indeed! Happy hearts day and I hope you have a good one :)