Friday, May 16, 2014

Recovering the Mojos

One person who amazingly doesn't lose his writing mojos is my husband Tag.  Apart from writing his full fantasy/romance/suspense book Regions of Passion, he has so far published 4 short stories and novellas that are available in Wattpad and Amazon.

If you want to indulge in some reading, please add him on Wattpad.  His book, Regions of Passion, is distributed as a series for free.

Just sit down and start writing - that is one tip he gave me to end this blogging drought. He said he gets his writing discipline from practice.  I wish it was that simple but really, I think he just has that gift.  He sits down, breathes and starts writing.  That simple.

I'll leave you with a synopsis of his book.  I hope you'll like it.


Ingrid Semeska is a sixteen-year-old girl living in Ohio, in the summer of 1990. Life is going poorly for her: She is failing high school, her foster mother and brother abuse her, and she has a terrible habit of pushing away the few people in her life who love her. One of these people is Scott Bremman, a twenty-year-old grocery worker who is uncertain of himself and what he wishes to do with his life.

Things are going to change for them both, and soon. After Ingrid is attacked even more violently than usual by her foster brother, she flees into the protecting arms of Scott and her friend from work, Lisa. Lisa knows things about Ingrid--that she was born in another world during a war, and there are currently forces in action intent on destroying that world forever--that Ingrid doesn't know herself. It's time for her to find out, and return to that world as the only person capable of saving it from darkness. 

Regions of Passion is a novel by Tag Cavello.  It is 380 pages long.  You can find it in serial form over at Wattpad.

Happy reading!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day. - Pots, Pans and All

I used to have these thoughts of grand gestures of Mother's Day. It's Mommy's day, we get to celebrate with the whole family over a festive yet quiet lunch somewhere fancy. Maybe even a quick stroll in the park so I can take great snapshots of the girls and their Dad while they play. Maybe some pampering time, my tired and sad feet needing their much needed treatment.

Instead, my day was mostly about washing pots and pans, moping the floor and re-moping them when the girls spilled their drinks for the nth time. Cleaning the bathroom (that's soooo long overdue). My day was mostly about hearing the kids argue and keeping them from biting each other's heads off. Boy, I can tell you that that is NOT fun! 

We did have a movie afternoon. Watched The Incredibles one and a half times (yes, encore!). Ate fast food, popcorn and had soda pop until we couldn't have sugar anymore.  I heard the kids laugh while they bounce and run, while Violet and Dash find their way out of the forest.

Now I sit here on my bed while i look at the girls sleep and watch my husband play video game for a night cap. I can say that my day's awesome no matter what happens. I did not have the grand gestures, the pampering and all. I did get one thing right.  I spent the day with the family - the reason why I celebrate my day.  I'm cool! As my daughter said over and over yesterday, it is the BEST.DAY.EVER!!

I hope you had a great mother's day!