Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to React to an "Ugly" Baby

I saw an article that was shared on Facebook.  It was quite catchy, especially for Moms like me.  How can it not catch your attention - How to React to an Ugly Baby.  It is sure to be funny.  Read it when you have the time!

Photo from wikiHow.com

Someone I know gave an awkward "Ohh, baby!"

Luckily, we never had worries that friends would look at our girls and say how ugly they are.  We were blessed with beautiful daughters.  One thing I am sure that you know already is that, for parents, their babies are the most beautiful blessing in the world.  Don't argue and tell them otherwise because you will not like the consequences.

I can imagine though - if my husband had shown any of my pictures or introduced me to his friends when we were just going out, I would probably have gotten an "Oh cool" before they decided that turning away would be the best decision of their life.  Or my getting a "Wow, Kano!" or "Perfect 10!" if I introduce hubby to friends.  Perfect 10 because he is slim and I am on the plump side. 

So we are just a regular-looking couple blessed with wonderful looking kids. The gene-gods were good to us.

It works. Heh.