Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Tooth Fairy's Emergency Call

A few hours ago, I received a message to call home because my 7-year old daughter had a small accident. A few minutes after that, a text message from my husband arrived to inform that Pots had her two front (permanent) teeth chipped.  I had a heartbreak.  I didn't have a lot more information but that.

It turns out, she was playing in the bedroom and was running when she tripped on the see saw and landed face first.  My husband said he heard a crack. :(


On my way home, my thoughts were racing - how can we have it fixed without scaring her?  Without traumatizing her... How much and how soon can we do this?  Was there anything that she could have hurt because of the fall?  Will her classmates make fun of how it looks?  My daughter is awfully shy.  I hope she will be okay.

By this time, I felt my insides somersault!  The thoughts were not helping.

The half-full thought to this, is that, it could have been worse.  I cannot even write what could have happened when she landed differently on that hard floor.  I thank fate, the Lord, the protector, heck, even her luck that it is JUST chipped teeth!

The tooth fairy, naturally, will make the experience less bitter when she wakes up tomorrow.  She has a couple of notes and shiny coins in the past.  This one is extra special. Check out the notes below:

The original letter (on the right) was written by Pots' Dad but since they are best friends and she knows her Dad's handwriting by heart, I had to rewrite it.  She will not know in the near future her parents do this.  Of course she will know when she is old enough.

Coupled with the silver coins that can make the experience less scary, we hope the note is read and taken by heart.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Feeling the Good Vibes Today

I came across a surprise blessing this afternoon as I was on my way to work.  

Credit it to a 2-week hiatus from work, I did not have small change to give to the bus fare collector.  Confident that they have change for a thousand pesos, I proceeded to paying.  This was when I was rejected - the bus collector said I should have told them while we were in the terminal.  He had one pending payment of the same denomination.  He wouldn't have enough change for another one.

Starting to panic, I searched my bag.  I found 10 pesos, that is it.  What should I do?  I do not want the people to think I am free-loader - I need to pay.  I searched my bag again (good God give me a miracle) but there was really nothing there.  

A soft tap on my arm led me to look at my seatmate, who was then holding out fifty pesos.  "Here take it.  Pay for somebody else when you have the chance.  Pay it forward!"  My mini-miracle!  I paid and gave her the change plus the coins I got from my bag.  When I got off the bus,  I thanked her again. :)

Image from

These are the good things that make your day, no matter how small the gestures are.  I walked to Glorietta from EDSA and got snacks for two.  Gave one to the taxi driver who drove me to work.  Kuya, with a smile on his face, was hesitant to get it.  

"Buy one, take one po ba sa McDonalds?"  I told him it was a good day.  Told him the story.

When we got to the office building, he waived and smiled.  I guess the positive vibes have been shared.

I hope you have an amazing day!