Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015, Here Goes...

New Year, New Me!!!

BAHHH! That's what I say all.the.time!  Truth is, it is nice to have resolutions. It helps one reflect on goals and if you keep them as your guide, it will let your memory-gap'ng self remember what you originally want to do. 

But still, Rose... You had 10 resolutions the previous years?! Add that to work and home responsibilities, how busy did you want to get? It got to being totally unrealistic.

This year, I'll stick to what is important.

1) HEALTH - I vow to remember to take care of my health more. Healthy food, healthy lifestyle, exercise. Realistic weight-loss included. I am going to see my cardiologist regularly.  Because... How else do I try to be there for my daughters' important life events?

2) SAVE - I can't stress it enough how valuable it is to start saving up for our future. How else can the kids go to college?

There are items under this list - things that will help me achieve goals 1 and 2. Not surprisingly, the things that make me miss these are inter-connected. 

3) TAKE TIME OUTS - spend time with friends outside of the pffice environment. This keeps parents sane. 😱

Let's see how this year goes. Happy New Year, friends! May this year have all the good things of last year and all the great things that hasn't been offered before.

-- Rose