Monday, February 2, 2015

Just A Little Something From Ms. M.I.A.

As a lot of you have noticed, I have been missing-in-action for a long time in this blog.  Call it procrastination, writer's block or just plain old laziness, I have been neglecting this page for a long time.

My countless of readers (three but let's pretend I am not so good with numbers, heh) deserve much more than this.  This is why I have tapped my husband, Tag, to help me continue this small space of life that we share with you all.  He will be posting blogs from time to time (who am I kidding, he will most probably be the person writing 90% of the time).  With him I am sure, we will connect with you all more.

Let's talk again soon!  For now...

Take care (Oh, and enjoy the new layout!). :)

-- Rose


  1. Welcome back Rose and welcome Tag. I hope to you more at BC Bloggers.

  2. It's good that you are back with blogging! how i wish that my husband also share his thoughts in my blog! hahha.. i have to convince him still to write about his collections so i have reserved a gamers page in my site

  3. Welcome back! I hope you are staying for a long time. Welcome to blogging world, Tag! Enjoy the writing!

  4. Thanks everyone. We'll keep 'er goin'. :)