Monday, March 16, 2015

Richwell Summer Kids Craze Haul

In my earlier post, I shared with you that Richwell Philippines is having a summer Kids Craze Sale happening on the second and third weekends of March 2015.

It was extremely difficult not to give in, since Pot's birthday was coming up.  She's been begging us to get her Shopkins (blame it on those Toy Review Channels in YouTube).  At first, I was against it because they are small but pricey little toys.  Alas, I couldn't anymore.

Pots and I traveled from Alabang to Quezon City on Saturday morning.  Since, my 5-year old was sleeping over my sister's house, we decided to just use public transportation.  Saturday traffic is always a pain.

So after more than an hour of traveling, Pots was shrieking at the lobby of the building all excited.  At first I told her that I was just visiting a friend... no toy store!  She didn't really say anything but you can see her eyes droop.  Imagine my delight when the elevator opened to a floor full of toys!

The reaction was priceless.  She was running around like a silly little hen!  We got what we came here for:


Shopkins was the biggest hit of 2014.  It was sold out on the first day but I called Richwell and used my charm (more like beg!).  One kind man reserved the last two packs for me - one 5-pack Season 1 and one 12-pack Season 2.  I love that smile!

I know you are all waiting to see what was there.  Here are some good deals.

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 Monster High and Ollie Flip-Flops for 50 pesos!

Doll shoes and Ollie School Shoes from 200 to 400 pesos!

Barbie stroller bags
The smaller ones are Php1000.  The big wide ones for Php1700.

Cute baby shoes with 20%-50% discount.

Toys for the young boys and young boys-at-heart

I cannot believe how big the discounts are for all the high chairs, car seats and strollers.

Toys for your cute babies

 Fisher-Price Potty Trainers at 1/3 of the price

I forgot how big the discounts are but I remember regretting that we bought bikes last Christmas.

I didn't get to take a picture of our great buys when we got home because the girls were unstoppable. Just to give you an idea, here is my list.

  • Shopkins (the 2 sets had a 20% discount sticker)
  • Barbie Mermaid's Tale 2 doll for Php500, originally priced at Php1000
  • A shiny Barbie shoes for Php200
  • Die cast cars for my nephew for Php100 (Pasalubong!)  
  • Big & Small clothes ranging from Php150 to Php250 
  • A whole lot of hard-bound recipe and children's books from Php90

And wouldn't you know it?  Now Nemo is going crazy for Shopkins, too!  Why oh why is it always collectibles?  :)  Oh wait, I used to be a kid.  It's because they're an absolute blast to count, play with, and count again.

Cheers to all, and do count on more articles from Grown-Ups soon.


  1. That is like heaven to children! I would love to score some items too for my godchildren :D

  2. hahaha..those collectibles are deadly to the wallets! my husband is my number 1 problem when it comes to that

  3. I love love shopping for kiddies clothes and toys. Super cute na mga tinda surely get some good deals nga. Sama mo ako next time Sis:) We can be best shopping buddies.

  4. Oh my gosh! Sayang di kami nakapunta. My daughter loves shopkins as well!

  5. All moms united for this. Hihi. That's one crazy summer sale!!!

  6. Great that you managed to get the toys at a discount. Your kids must be over the moon with the new purchases.

  7. How much are the shopkins? My daughter have those from season 2..That one is from season 1 I guess.

  8. Did you see Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony? My daughter likes LPS and MLP. She actually got three MLP's as a reward for her bing on the honor roll.

  9. Nice! I'm sure the kids are very happy!

  10. I was planning to check the store, unfortunately may mga lakad talaga. I'm sure my son would go crazy seeing those toys, I hope there will be next time.

  11. Sayang, I forgot about it. We should have gone there yesterday. I was thinking of buying a moving up present for my little girl.

  12. Wow there are so many great buys. I wish Richwell is just near our place. My son will surely hoard for toys, haha!

  13. oh fun.. I bet your girl really had a great time shopping for toys.

  14. Love shopping lalo pa at SALE! Can't resist this deal for sure. Enjoy your haul.:)

  15. My daughter is crazy about shopkins! I hope we can drop by Richwell.